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Thread: RCBS Stuck Case Remover Tool

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    RCBS Stuck Case Remover Tool

    I got to use my RCBS Stuck case remover tool today. My Father was full length sizing some brass and had one get snug, instead of backing out of it, he went ahead and sent her home. In a nutshell, it stuck so hard, he pulled off the rim trying to bring it back out.

    We went ahead with the RCBS tool, but the case was stuck so bad, we thought it may strip out the new threads we put in the bottom of the case. After trying several times to get it to budge, we decided it wasnt going to move, so bring out the

    First attempt didnt work, so we heated it up again and it finally broke loose and we cleared the die.

    The tool kit was easy to use and did the job just fine, would have been much easier or even un needed had my dad just backed off and not forced it.

    Best way to fix a stuck case, is to never force a case into the die, if it doesnt go easy something is probably wrong.

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    Thanks for the story.

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    I wonder whether it wouldn't work to deep freeze the die and case for a bit, then plunge it in boiling water, avoiding the potential
    of ruining the heat treatment with the torch? Haven't tried it. Would take longer. Might be less expensive in the long run.

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