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Thread: lyman red

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    lyman red

    had not realized this stuff was so dusty, just ran a few loads today and while the brass looks great there is a small residue on the inside.

    will this come out once i process ?

    anyone else notice this

    should i just go back to the green cob ?

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    My dad has used this stuff as i do, as i do my reloading there, and got tired of the ruge or whatever red colored dust, so got him to switch to a walnut/corncob mix and now much better and not so dusty, cleans better also.

    hated that crap, fingers would be red and then clothes..etc..

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    I usually just go with regular corn cob and polish, but needed to "steal" the media out of my tumbler to fill a new rifle rest bag and couldn't find any regular plain corn cob available. I ended up just grabbing a container of the Hornady media, it has a reddish tint, but isn't dusty and cleans and polishes very well. I also noticed it takes a lot less time to achieve a highly polished finish.

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