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Thread: Working a load up

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    Working a load up

    Today I am going to start working up a load for 357, these will be used for both my GP100 (my personal carry gun) and my Rossi 20 in lever action. I am using AA #7 since I couldn`t find any #9. Number ( was recommended to me some time ago by Wes or his dad, I think it was his dad that recommended it to me some time ago) but finding #9 isn`t easy and I feel I lucked out on finding #7. Anyway the load data I have says start load is 9.5 gr and max is 10.5gr on a 158gr JHP I am thinking of starting with about 20 starting at 9.8gr and 20 at and maybe 20 at 10.2 gr for testing. I live almost right under the gravel pit I shoot at so when I have time just pop up there and run 10 or so of each threw each firearm to see what works best or if I should try a hotter load. My question is does this seam like a good way to do it or am I over thinking it?

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    Starting at the low end and working up is a good way to do it. I would probably only do ten of each, shoot 5 in each firearm and check for pressures and accuracy. You can certainly load more, but if you hit pressure issues early, you will have that many more to pop apart.

    I have never played around with #7 before, just 2, 5 and 9, so I am no help as far as a good recipe goes.

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    When I discovered A powders back in the 80s #9 was a direct replacement for Win296.
    I was loading .44mag for a Ruger Redhawk and it worked great.
    Recently I have played with several powders for .45Colt heavy loads in a Blackhawk and found #7
    worked better. YMMV :)

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    Sucks that lack of powders nowadays forces us in directions that we would probably not go. Locals have Jack for powders here in central Washington. But on the other hand trying something new that we may have never bought otherwise may yield something suprising.

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