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Thread: Whats everyones " plinking/accurate" 223 load

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    Whats everyones " plinking/accurate" 223 load

    Just thought to give others ideas and share with others, what people are using for their plinking/accuracy load by the ammo can reloads are
    I have a couple right now and some more to work up with

    Good accurate load in my 18" rainier arms match AR

    69gr SMK
    24.5gr varget load
    LC brass
    federal match primer

    usually a 1 moa load or even better if i get in the zone.

    Also use

    LC and random FC,PMC brass
    68gr hornady match
    24 gr varget and also 24'ish gr loads with H335
    CCI 450 Mag primer

    Plinking loads 18" Ar, 16" CHF AR's

    55gr extreme jacketed bullets or hornady 55gr FMJ's

    LC,FC,PMC brass
    24.5gr of H335
    CCI 450 Mag primer

    usually a 1 MOA group out of the scoped 18" gun if im doing my part, other then that just a whatever blast 'em load, not looking for lightning speeds here just a good cycling load and so far been good

    Also have some AA2230 to work up with some of the 55's. All rounds loaded up right at mag length or around 2.255-2.260" . Would like to shove the loads thru a chrony and see what is actually happening..hopefully this summer

    So what are you using and how does it work for you

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    Hoping to get out within the next week or 2 and try out some new AA2230 loads and use the chrony at MRC. So will update eventually with a little info.

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    In a lightweight I've had great results with 50gr zmax over 25 grains 2230 at 2.290coal. Seem to function well in most ar's. Had an m&p that would easily shoot MOA with that load from a 1 in 9 barrel.

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    Well made it out to MRC last week, but their chrony was broken..bummer..All shots out of my 18" rainier arms barreled Ar with nikon p223 3x9 scope

    Still shot off my test loads and had 2 excellent groups that will be 2 more to add to my list

    69gr smk and 24.9grains of varget in a LC case about a 3/4"-7/8" group at 100 yards

    Next load was just to see how good it would group to work up a plinking load, well it worked out much better then my h335 test loads.

    55gr hornady fmj with 23.5grains of AA2230 with a CCI 450 mag primer in a LC case Under a moa accuracy at 100 yards..

    The 55gr hornady fmj test loads and h335 didnt do as well as the best out of several loads was about a 1.75 MOA at 100 yards..23-24.5 grains...not sure what happened , i have had better luck with h335 and 68gr hornady's out of the same gun, maybe this one just doesnt like the bullet/powder combo..But sure liking that AA2230 stuff

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