Did some chronographing today with two different rifles, shooting the same ammo and the results were interesting.

First the rifles:

Rem 700 Heavy barrel ADL 26" bbl .308 Win
Howa 1500 Heavy Barrel 20" bbl .308 Win


Federal GMM 175gr SMK
Prvi Match 168gr
Handloaded 175gr Berger long range on top of 44.0gr Varget

The two factory loads shot approx 100-120 fps faster in the 26" bbl than the 20" bbl, which is usually typical of longer barreled rifles, however this wasn't the case with the Varget loads. The 26" bbl only shot the Hand loads 16 fps faster than the 20" bbl. I am thinking the Varget builds all of it's energy in a shorter distance than the powders used in the factory loads??

All 3 different ammunition produced 1moa or less at 100yds. The handloads and the GMM only had a spread of about 25fps, but the prvi had a spread of 150fps, which I found interesting, since it still produced nice groups.

We didnt have the most steady bench set up in the world, but would have to give the best grouping of the 3 different rounds to the berger's with the Varget powder. It grouped the best in both rifles.

Prvi's had the fastest speeds, 2730ish in the 700
GMM was the slowest, 2630ish in the 700 and 2530ish in the Howa
handloads were 2690ish in the Howa and 2710ish in the 700

It's always interesting using the chronograph, you never know what kind of results and interesting things you will learn.