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Thread: Gempro 250 electronic scale

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    Gempro 250 electronic scale

    Let me start this review section out. First off this is not a debate over traditional beam scales vs electronic scales. Lets start that debate somewhere else on the forum. I will in fact try to post a honest critical review of a product that I have personally bought and used. I purchased this scale over a year ago. It is not marketed as a sportsman/reloading scale. It is marketed as a jewlers scale but has quickly crossed over to us, the reloaders. This is a compact scale that operates on 110v ac or AAA batterys bought from for about $115. This has a 770 grain capacity and is accurate to 0.01 of a grain. Yes that is one hundreth not on tenth as we are all used to. It also reads other measures as grams, carats, etc that has no real measure to us. Why do I care about being accurate to the hundreth you ask? Well the beam scale guys are already there. They have no measurment to that factor but they can see it on the scale. "oh I'm a line and a half off my tenth" is what they may say. With this scale you WILL know which side of the tenth your one. most electronic reloading scales will "round" to the nearest tenth and you have no idea how their logic is. Is it that important, With some powders it may be. H110 for example meters extremely well. Ever notice how your electronic scale doesn't move when your trickling that last tenth of a grain. Whats going on? Your scale is rounding up or down to the nearest tenth/10th.With this scale you will know whats going on. O.K. first the posatives...Compact,accurate, great bright red backlight, both 110ac and battery,comes in a hard plastic case with vibration pad,calibration weight an tweezers, great warranty(see the website, I believe 3 year full replacement)Negative..Made in China. I really wish this was made in the USA this means alot these days. Very sensative, if that is negative. Make sure you have no very heavy breezes or fans on the scale, you will see it on the display. Everything doesn't fit too well in the case, seem to have to cram it to get the lid to close.Eats batterys badly, if your going to take it to the range bring fresh bats and only put them in when you need it.The tray that comes with the scale is black plastic.Don't use it because powder will stick to it. Use the tray from an old beam scale. All in all I give this 5 out of 5 stars. (if thats what we are going by here)O.K. 9 out of 10. Fantastic little scale!!I wish I could post a picture but I'm fairly computer illiterate. Check out other reviews on Youtube or check Hope this helps. If there are any questions about this scale I would love the answer them Happy reloading J-Rod

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