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Thread: match -vs- regular primers

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    match -vs- regular primers

    so I use match / benchrest primers for my bolt rifles. cant say I know of a difference in accuracy.

    I know from reading primer company's websites that the match primers are made by the more senior employees, and the anvil is a bit different??

    do you believe there is ANY difference ( besides price)

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    I have always been curious about this too, but have never asked or researched it.

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    I use some match primers (federal) in my accuracy loads in my AR, as thats what i could only get , at the beginning of the " panic" last year.

    About what i have heard is they go thru more scrutiny and have the veteran workers and handpicked/sorted better looking primers in them..i havent really noticed a difference. maybe the chrony would say so or not..not sure.

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