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Thread: 223 match

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    223 match

    lake city brass
    federal match small rifle primers
    2520 powder- 24 grains
    s.m.k. molly coated 52 grain bullet
    o.a.l. 2.31

    this recipe has done amazing groups out of the howa. I am not seeing a difference in using 2520 or varget in this load so I have been sticking with the 2520 as it meters out perfectly and saves a lot of time by skipping the powder trickler.

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    I hit prairie dogs with my Rem700/.223 out to 400 yards with enough regularity that I stick with 2520 for all the same reasons. That's roughly a 2.5"x10" target.
    If it's windy, though, I switch to IRregularity; no powder is good enough. :(

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    If you can get a hold of some 50gr zmax try:

    50gr zmax
    25gr aa2230
    2.290 oal

    Those were my old howa's favorite load. Have you played around with using 2230 instead of 2520? I never could get the groups as tight with 2520

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