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Thread: Rules and Guidelines of the site

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    Rules and Guidelines of the site

    *Disclaimer* Precision Handloader, it's owner, staff, members and vbulletin will not be held responsible for any information, data or opinions of any post by member's of this site. Any information or data used from this website, you use at your own risk. Precision Handloader and it's staff, has the right to remove any thread, post or membership at any time.

    The Forum Rules:

    Be respectful. Be respectful to the members and the staff of the site. No flaming, name calling, racial slurs or attacks, sexual/sexual orientation harassment

    vulgar or hateful comments. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    Only one account per user. More than one account per person is forbidden. All other accounts will be deleted.
    No troll accounts. Only posting content to cause problems or create issues, will not be tolerated and will result in loss of membership.
    No spamming. No commercial advertising or flooding the site with thread of useless content.
    No Porn. Do not post pictures or video of sexual acts, this includes any links to such acts.
    No CAP locks. No typing out topics or post entirely in caps, this is annoying, hard on the eyes and sounds like your yelling.
    Post in the right forum. Be sure you put your post in the right forum, this saves the staff time and will keep your thread from being deleted.
    Search before you post. Make a quick search before you post, this reduces double threads on the same subject.
    Informative topic subject. Put plenty of info in your topic, this will get you better info from members and will likely keep members from skipping over your post
    No free advertising. Businesses and Vendors need to contact the site admin before advertising or selling on the forum.
    No arguing. There is nothing wrong with opinions on ideas, politics and etc, we all have them. respect the fact other's are entitled their own opinions. Discussing these opinions are allowed, but keep it respectful. If the staff feels it is no longer respectful, the post/thread will be locked and the user's warned.

    Check back here often, as the site grows, sometimes the rules need updated or changed.

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