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Thread: Headspace Variation once fired FL sized brass

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    Headspace Variation once fired FL sized brass

    I recently got a Hornady headspace gauge and measured the HS of about 40x pieces of once fired brass that's been FL sized.

    Now I made a rookie mistake by not sorting the brass fired from 2 different rifles. Due to this I expected to see two distinct different HS measurements, one from each gun or due to the FL sizing the HS would be more than less the same. Instead my measurements range from 1.515 to 1.565. The most frequent measurements being 1.530 (16/50) and 1.515 (10/40) with the rest equity distributed between 1.535 and 1.550 except for a couple outliers measuring 1.560/65. I am trying to make sense of these results.

    All the brass is once fired Hornady.

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