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Thread: .25 Ackley Improved Krag

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    .25 Ackley Improved Krag

    First of year, I blew all my mad money on custom rifle chambered for the .25 Ackley Improved..(full length .30-40 Krag case, necked to .25 & fire-formed with min. body taper & 40* shoulder). Rifle was built in mid 1960's on an original Sharps Borchardt action by C. Durham & stocked by Jerry Fisher in exhibition Bastone walnut. Original Leupold 7X scope in custom mounts. Rifle looks to be unfired..or shot very little. Recieved RCBS 2 die form set 1st of month & have formed 40 Win. cases & ran them thru the 1960 era RCBS (green cardboard box) full length sizer die. Prmer pockets uniformed & flash holes de-burred. I am thinling of using a mid-range load using the 100gr. Speer spitz. for the .257 Roberts for fire-forming..since the .25 Ack. Improved case is only a couple of cc's greater in capacity. Have set up seating depth so bullet is in firm contact with lands as action closes, and can feel resistance..friction on block. Looking forward to warm weather.

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    Sounds like a cool and interesting round!
    I look forward to hearing the range reports.
    Ready for some warm weather here as well, got lots of stuff to test, after a colder and wetter than normal winter here.

    Careful man, there's a beverage here!

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