I did a lil chronoghraphing yesterday, temps were quite cold, was around 20 degrees and fairly low humidity 30-40%.

My recorded speeds from summer time (70 degrees), were around 2920 fps, with a 130gr bullet.
Keep in mind, my charge, bullet, bushing die, seat depth hasnt changed at all.
Yesterday they were around 2850 fps, makes sense, since its 50 degrees cooler, or so I think.

I record almost all my shots, chrono info and what not in a journal. When entering today, I noticed something, a difference in primers.
Last summer with an avg temp of 70, I had two of the same loads, but two different primers, cci450 and wolf small rifle.
I had forgotten this, but I chronographed both on the same day, so had the info on both.
The wolf were 2920 fps and the cci450 were 2850 fps.

The CCI 450 were the same at 70 degrees as the same rounds were at 20 degrees, which was the primer I was using.

It looks like temp doesnt affect the CCI primed rounds at all far as temp, wish I had some wolf primed ones, to see what they register at 20 degrees.
It does seem a bit crazy, the wolf primers would be an avg of 70 fps faster than the CCI primers???