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Thread: First load

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    First load

    Hello everyone, my wife gave me reloading equipment for Christmas. For my first loads I have Hornady 124gr XTP bullets, Alliant Unique powder and Winchester primers. After much research I am thinking of using a 5.2gr charge and a 1.12 OAL. Just looking for some feedback on my thoughts.


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    Welcome to the site!

    That should be a great starting point.
    My Lee book starts it at 5.1gr and goes up to 5.9gr. Your spot on with your oal, thats what Lee recommends with a 124xtp.
    I have never tried any unique with 9mm, but used quite a bit of #2, WW231 and power pistol.
    I think #2 was my favorite, was accurate, comfortable and clean.

    I would say have fun reloading, but I already know you will, thats why we do it.

    Careful man, there's a beverage here!

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