I did a lot of research before buying a neck turning tool. It came down to the pma or the K&M tool. I like how the mandrel moves on the PMA and the .0005 dial adjustment knob, this is what made me go with the PMA. I have seen the K&M in use and it does a fine job, so it just came down to preference.

It took a lil time to get it set up and ready to use, mostly because of learning what lock screws, go to what movement, but once you remember them its a piece of cake.

I played around with it on some LC brass first, so if I ruined any, I wouldnt be out much. I actually didnt ruin one piece! I know have it set up for my 6.5x47 Lapua. Most of the Lapua brass was measuring about .0010 to .0015 runout, which most guys including myself, would be happy with. But when you do what we do, you want to eliminate every bit of error possible, since our own error is the biggest. After turning about 75 pieces now, I have been checking each piece and almost all are running about .0005 runout, so have to say I am pleased with how the tool performs!

When switching calibers with the tool, you can count the dial adjustment, so you can reset it the same as before, but in reality it's still a bit of a pain. Luckily I only shoot a couple calibers, so I may just set it for good and buy a tool for each caliber. If running several calibers, I would probably then, just readjust each time.