I am currently building a 260 Improved 30 degree rifle and have been looking for some 260 rem brass.
I typically prefer using Lapua brass, but most of it's chamberings, have become extinct recently, especially the 260.

I finally got desperate, thinking if I dont just get some brass, I may end up with a new rifle and no brass to have anything to shoot out of it.
I went down to Cabelas and picked 100 pieces of the Nosler Brass. It is the most expensive of the big 4, Lapua, Norma, Nosler and Hornady Match, but it claims its ready to load right out of the box. They also claim its sorted by weight, flash holes are deburred, necks chamfered inside and out and doesnt require being sized before reloading.

I opened up the boxes thinking I would see a gleaming batch of beautiful golden brass. It is shiny, but not high end shiny and doesnt look much different, than a bag of remington brass. Looks doesnt mean everything, so I can put that aside and look at the more important aspects of the brass.

Here is what I have discovered so far. The necks are as described, chamfered inside and out, looks like a Gerard type trim. I weighed out about 20 pieces, they all weighed within 6/10ths of a grain, which is quite acceptable. Visually they looked good and as far reloading right out of the box, I would say your probably good to do so.
I looked mine over carefully and one case mouth was a lil flat on one side, but not enough to require sizing if fire forming brass or doing load development data.

They only real downfall I see with this brass, is the primer pockets are no where near uniform. I have worked a lot of different brass over the years, and this brass was the worst, when it comes to uniforming the pockets. Using a high quality uniform tool, I had to run it several times before the pockets finally cleaned up and no more material was being removed.

I cant say much more until I go out and shoot it a few times.