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Thread: dillon 550b noob

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    dillon 550b noob

    so thanks to bronco75 I now own a nib Dillon 550b. naturally I have plenty of questions before I embark on this new toy.

    what will I need that is not included in the box? will be doing 9 and 45 on it only.

    are you using the primer function? or doing that separate by hand ?

    what accessories have you added and loved or hated ?

    where are you buying your Dillon stuff around seattle?

    and tips on set up or other advice would be great.


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    I have a 550 and love it! I only load pistol ammo on mine as well. The best advice I can give, is make sure you adjust the rod from the powder measure to the shell plate each time you change calibers, if you dont you will live squib city! It will 80-90% of them normal and the rest squibs. They also dont have a 5th station for something like a powder cop, so I like to mount some sort of light or led strip above the shellplate, so I can check each round for a powder charge. I use the primer function, works well and is easy to change from small to large primer pick up.

    You will like it once you get used to setting it up, works well and charges come out nuts on with ball powders and most flake powders. Do not use any IMR X-700 powder, it will bind up and not cycle.

    Far as accessories, pick up an extra tool head stand and extra powder measure. Its nice to just swap out the complete tool head with powder funnel when changing cailbers, I have mine set up caliber specific and rarely have to ever adjust anything. Just swap out tool head, primer set up if need be, adjust the rod and done.

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    I don't own a Dillon I own a Hornady LNL , but have messed with the 650. I haved learned some stuff related to all progressive presses. Patience is paramount! Setup and operating can drive you crazy. A natural mechanical aptitude helps too. The 550 is pretty basic as far as progressives go but some tinkering is always involved. I agree with 1911 on doing complete tool head and powder measure swaps. Check to see if Inline Fabrication has any accessories for your press. They have cool stuff like LED press lights and Strong mounts, catch bins and such. Have fun!!

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