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Thread: Ladder tests

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Rod View Post
    Got my Lead Sled!! Got 50 pounds of shot and bags to go with it. I wish I would have bought this sooner. Alot of fun!! kind of reminds me of shooting artillery. I highly recomend one to any shooting enthusiast. Will make my ladder work ups easier. If nothing else strap the scoped AR-15 into it and give the 1000 yard gong some hell!! I did just that last weekend and it is alot of fun!
    That sounds like a lot of fun!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke EB View Post
    I do it a bit differently.
    I load bullets starting at the low mark given in the manual. I load one round for this, and one round for every .3 grains above this. I use a lead sled to take myself out of the equation, and I also shoot on a 300+ yd range. I've actually been doing this at 550 yards. Shoot and mark each round (you can color the bullets with a colored sharpie to tell which is which, at least for 3 or 4 rounds). The thing to look for is vertical grouping. If you find a powder range that is pretty close together, let's 43.5 - 44.1, that groups closely vertically, you can then load that powder range with .1 grain increments and shoot each again.
    This test looks for the spot that is at the top of the barrel whip, which will be your most accurate and consistent release point.
    This is pretty much what I do

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