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Thread: Scored some Winchester 748

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    Scored some Winchester 748

    Cabelas finally had something other than Triple7Got several pounds of Win748. I know this is not an ideal powder. But it is a ball powder that meters extremely well on the progressive. Got 2000 rounds of mixed brass I'm in the middle of processing. Got some Hornady 55 FMJ boat tails coming as I speak. I'm looking for bulk plinking, practice, storage ammo. Got some CCI 450's This will not be an accuracy load just fodder. Just a note that it does get 100+ in the summer so the heat sensativity is a factory for the WIN748. Almost forgot..this is for my AR with 5.56 chamber. Throw me some suggestions guys, Well other than get a better powder! Thanks Jason

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    You should be fine, maybe start a tad low to start with the heat and keep your ammo stored in the shade when out shooting.

    Also as far as powder goes, consider AA2230 if available, it's a ball and the nicest powder I have ever worked with. Metering is outstanding and it shoots great.

    I so wish Varget was a ball

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    i have not used win 748, but have and do use h335,and aa2230 and the AA i really like. the varget is saved for the heavier grain precision loads.

    I also use a CCI 450 primer and have noticed so far that im just a little lower on charge weights when using them, they have worked fine, but being i used to live in that areas i know it gets hot, so i would use a chrono and work up.

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