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Thread: Don't get color specific!

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    Don't get color specific!

    My best advice to new reloader would be don't get color(brand) specific. I'm not an aged reloader by any means, only been doing pistol stuff for a couple years. But what I have learned is that every manufacturer makes good stuff. If you get brand specific you may be missing out. My reloading bench is a hodgepodge of stuff and it suits me. I have every major brand of reloading stuff. People look down on this brand and that brand or say I only buy"blah blah" brand. Don't get closed minded. For example I use the Lee decaping/depriming die, it is awesome.I have used other brands and there is no comparison in my opinion. I use a Hornady progressive, it suits my reloading style and it is reasonably priced. For you "blue"(dillon) guys out there I have used a buddys 650 also. It is bad assed but expensive and you can't run down to Cabelas to get accesories. You may like dies with posative adjustments or o-ring adjustments etc. I use the "green"(rcbs)dies but toss the lock rings and install the "red"(hornady)ones. Get what I'm saying? Find your style and run with it. Mixing and matching makes for a great reloading experience! Casting stuff is the same thing, mix it up! Worst case senario is that you don't like something. Ebay it if you don't like something. Your not going to loose much if any money these days. Happy reloading, Jason

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    I have Blue, Red and Green on my bench. I have a 550b for all my pistol rounds, a Lee turret press for all my rifle needs and some rcbs powder throwing devices on my bench. I do the same with dies, I dislike the Lee full length sizing dies as it starts scratching brass after just a few rounds, so FL with rcbs. I also have really started liking the Lee Collet neck sizer die, works fantastic and havent had one issue with it. I also prefer the Lee factory crimp dies over the dies which seat and crimp all in one.

    Like the OP said, go with what you like and who cares about the color on your bench.

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