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Thread: Whats your favorite cleaning method for your rifle barrels?

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    Whats your favorite cleaning method for your rifle barrels?

    I usually swab the barrel with Pro Shot copper solvent, let it sit a couple minutes and run a patch through. I then dip a bronze brush in the same solvent and run several strokes down the barrel and swab til patches come clean. I then hit it with Hoppes to clean up any left over copper solvent. This seems to work pretty well.

    I tried some sweets 7.62 for awhile, seemed to work well the first time I used it, but havent been too impressed with it since than and went back to my normal routine.

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    I insert a bore brush (from the breech whenever possible) and run it forward until it is just behind the muzzle, then suck up Hoppe's 9 into an eye dropper and drip it into the bore so it spreads throughout. Scrub a bit and wipe with clean patch. Then displace all the Hoppe's with a patch with Breakfree CLP on it.
    If that comes out reasonably clean I run a dry patch through it and attend to the rest of the rifle. Including the chamber, specifically. I use chamber brushes a lot.
    I no longer give the solvent a long time to work... my last shots downrange were very satisfactory and I feel no need to remove more than just the carbon dirt.
    Whatever copper wash remains is welcome to stay.

    Lastly, I wash my bore brushes thoroughly in hot water to remove the solvent which eats them alive if allowed to remain on the brush.

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