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Thread: Anyone use the Lee casting moulds?

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    I believe LEE calculates their moulds to deliver advertise weight with wheelweight alloy. Any addition of tin or hardening agents will reduce the weight as none of those metals have the density of pure lead. But they're necessary, of course.
    Given that a lighter bullet needs more powder to achieve similar velocity, you can use the 9gr difference in weight as a buffer... work up your loads to maximum book
    charge weight for 228gr and know that you have a better margin of error than most. That is, if you can't find data anywhere for your bullet weight.

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    I have casted up a bunch with this mould. I really like the way it casts compared to my other cast iron mould. I'm a little bumbed about the profile of this bullet though. This is the single radius 45 mould.(not tumble lube) Most 45 acp moulds are two radius. Shape is not what you normally see for 45 acp. Bullets have to be seated very deep to chamber in my 1911. They look rather funny. I havent shot any of them yet so I'll report on that later.

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